How It Works

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We’ve taken the guesswork out of hiring experts

Moving forward with your business is pretty simple with In the many years that we have worked with businesses to help them achieve their goals, we have developed strategies, methodologies, marketing and business plans, networks and many more – but most of all, we have attracted and employ some of the top business consultants in their fields who have the experience, the intuition and the knowledge to provide you with a pathway to success, and then lead you along that path.

For you, the choice is simple and risk-free;

  • First, just click on this link or our ‘Request Custom Quote Now‘ button on our home page.
  • After you fill in your contact information, Set your Goal and send.
  • We will then assign the right expert to create a plan and a budget for solving your challenge and send you a proposal with a Success Fee identified once we finish your work, or any phases of your work that are quantifiable.
  • Accept our proposal, pay into escrow and work with us to  Succeed.

Once you have met your Goal, we will collect our Success Fee, not before.

We will set up performance benchmarks for you to sign off as we go.  Once the proposal is accepted, you can still add additional services you may desire, but each will be accompanied by a change order that will value the additional service. You will need to sign off on new addendum as well, and we will adjust the deliverables and schedule accordingly. Outside costs for products and or services not provided in-house by ResultsOnlyAssociates will be charged and paid for as they are purchased or subcontracted for you.

Our motivation is in helping you get to your goal as quickly and efficiently as possible.  That is why we want you to know that we have earned both your trust and your compensation.

Yes, this is a revolutionary way to do business, but it shows you that we put our trust in you, first.  In this way, we are all motivated for your Success, so success comes faster and more readily.

Try us, you’ve got nothing to loose.

And so much to gain.


No RIsk. All Reward

Set Goal. Set Success Fee. Succeed.

This is a revolutionary way to help you reach your goal.  Tell us what you want by clicking below for your Custom Quote, answer our questions and we will get back to you with a plan and a Success Fee – which we earn if we achieve your goal.  No upfront payments, but fast response and success you can count on.

Request Custom Quote Now!