Pricing Structure

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We understand that your goals are going to involve services by one or more of our experts in various business specialties. Your work will be proposed and supervised by a project manager, who will make sure deadlines are met and suggestions are appropriate.  You will receive, once you agree to the plan:

  • A project management plan, including benchmarks, deliverables, and sign off sheets to advance to each phase towards completion.
  • Direct access to your Project Manager.
  • The ability to make edit suggestions or comments that will clarify and advance to your goal.
  • A checklist of items, contacts and other materials you must provide.
  • Benchmarks for stages of the project, which will require a sign off at the various stages as initial work is completed and approved.
  • Participation in your project is a must, if we are going to meet your goals and not what we think you should have.  Your participation obligations will be spelled out in the Proposal.

Pricing is generally below market rates for expertise equivalent to top consultants available today.  When an expert is assigned to your project, you will get a complete Curriculum vitae and references.

Each task will be proposed by a certain formula based on the hourly rates described below, multiplied by the number of hours we determine it will take to complete that expert’s work for you. We include time for alterations and additional effort.  The estimate will be the cap for the work described, if we take a little longer, you still pay the set price. If, however, the work is completed – or stopped for any reason – short of the time estimated, you will be charged the lesser cost of the hours worked times the rate.

Fee guarantee in Escrow:

Once a proposal is agreed to, the fee for any phases or initial steps,a s outlined by the proposal, will be submitted to JP Morgan Chase Bank into an escrow account and held until the project is completed.  Specific performance criteria for each phase of the proposal will be spelled out, and once the benchmarks and the final production are approved, the work will be delivered and the escrow will be released to pay for services rendered.  In each instance, specific parameters will be described and achievable, and not tied to aesthetic concerns.  In other words, a project cannot be declined just because a client doesn’t like what it looks like without giving a definitive reason that can be satisfied and changed by the service providers (eg; change the color or type style).  Only two alteration cycles will be provided for in any proposal.  If the project continues to be altered, added to, changed or otherwise modified away from the initial job description, a change order will identify the new work, it will be priced and will need to be signed off prior to completing the job.

Should the final work be rejected without allowing for modifications or improvements, any work in initial phases up to the breakdown of the work order will be payable.

A signature for any stage or phase of work will constitute an agreement that the work as described in the phase is accepted and will be paid for.

Fees are as follows:

Marketing Consultant, General: $125/hr

Marketing Consultant, Social Media: $125/hr

Business Systems and Communications expert: $175/hr

Human Resources: $100/hr

Legal Services (Not Legal Advice): $250/hr

Accounting Services: $150/hr

Web Design of Websites, Web Campaigns, Banners, Infographics: $95/hr

Media Designer and Producer, Explainer Video, Animated Marketing Video, Web Commercials and Presenter Videos: $110/hr

Presentation Consulting and Coaching: $125/hr

Writing and Communication: $95/hr

We will provide other services as necessary that are not covered above, but required for your project.

Please check the box on the “Request Custom Quote Now” button when you make your application that says you have read and accept this fee structure.





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