Cynthia Avalon, St. Louis

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My family has owned an antique business for generations. unfortunately, younger people are no longer looking for antiques and collectibles, and the customer base we have counted on is slowly fading. We needed a change in direction and a plan on how to get there.

We were intrigued by ResultsOnlyAssociates business model. We liked the idea that “the proof is in the pudding”, which states that ResultsOnlyAssociates would not charge us anything up front, but once they were able to help us and provide value to our business, only then would they collect a success fee based on their accomplishment on our behalf. There is no risk.

They worked out a new marketing direction for us, expanding our product line into an exclusive offering, and even helped us reorganize our accounting and finances that was necessary to accomplish this plan. We got the plan into effect quickly and were able to add to our business rapidly. Needless to say, our profitability is once more rising, and we are expanding our client base with younger buyers who are now interested in our new lines.

No RIsk. All Reward

Set Goal. Set Success Fee. Succeed.

This is a revolutionary way to help you reach your goal.  Tell us what you want by clicking below for your Custom Quote, answer our questions and we will get back to you with a plan and a Success Fee – which we earn if we achieve your goal.  No upfront payments, but fast response and success you can count on.

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